EPIC 2019 – A New Resident Program 

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E.P.I.C. stands for Empowering People, Inspiring Communities and is a new meaningful work opportunity program designed to satisfy the need for our residents to contribute to society.  Nominated residents will become an Ambassador of The Virginia Home over the course of this year-long leadership experience.

E.P.I.C. Ambassadors attend monthly sessions on leadership and professional skill building while preparing to share the mission of The Home with the greater community. Ambassadors also attend a weekly crafting session to make beautiful signs out of up-cycled pallet wood which will be sold at South of the James Farmers Market, our selected location for the inaugural year. Come see us at the Market on Jun 15, Jul 20, Aug 17, Sep 21 and Oct 19.  All proceeds from products sold will directly support the E.P.I.C. program in years to come.


Willis Fleming

My name is Willis and I have lived at The Virginia Home for 8 years now. I love living here, and I have to say my favorite thing about it is the staff. They are constantly making me laugh and they are so fun to be around. I have made so many great lifelong friends here. The people here are just so great to be around. I want people to know that The Home is a terrific place to live. Between the aquatics program to all of the great special events, there is always something cool going on. There is really something for everyone here. Through our Travel Scholarship Program I was able to take a trip to New Jersey to see WrestleMania and to visit NYC. It was a very thrilling experience. We even made it to Times Square! I don’t think I stopped smiling or laughing the entire trip. Prior to living at The Virginia Home I had two different work related experiences. I donated my time at St. Mary’s as a delivery boy, delivering anything that was needed to different rooms. I also worked at my uncle’s restaurant washing dishes. I enjoyed these experiences because it kept my mind focused and my hands busy. When I was nominated to be an ambassador for the E.P.I.C. program I felt proud and honored. I have really enjoyed learning in this program. I am very hands on, so I have to say that my favorite part is the sanding and painting of the pallets. I find painting to be very soothing and calming for me.

Jack Bohannon

My name is Jack and I have lived at  The Virginia Home for 14 years. I think The Home is an extraordinary place to be. The food is so good here, just like a home cooked meal, and boy do we love the special treats we get at our parties and socials. My favorite thing to participate in would have to be all of our wonderful special events. I get so excited for them. From the Extravaganza, to the 5K, to the Halloween Boo House, or even our magnificent ball! Once one event is over I’m not sad because another one is right around the corner. There is always something spectacular going on here. I attended a really awesome travel trip to Orlando, FL. On this trip I was able to swim with the dolphins. And let me tell you, they sure are intelligent and amazing creatures! I want people in the community to know that anything can happen here at The Virginia Home. I hope you will come check us out! When I found out that I was nominated for the E.P.I.C. program I was so happy. I want to help people in the community notice us. I hope to help inspire the community and make new friends.

Judy Simmons

My name is Judy and I have lived at The Virginia Home for 2 years. I love it here and I want more people to know about how great the place I call home is. My favorite thing about the home is the socials, because everyone is together with good music, good food, and we are truly one big happy family. We have so many different activities and ways to be involved. You should come get to know us! I am getting to go on my first travel trip very soon – a girl’s trip to Myrtle Beach, SC. I am so excited for this trip because it is a place I have never been. Before I moved here I had one job that I worked at for 15 years. I worked at Acoustical Solutions preparing samples for the mail. I enjoyed working and I missed it when I stopped. That’s why I was so excited when I found out that I was nominated to be a part of the brand new E.P.I.C. program. I was excited that I would be able to share what we are all about with the community because I love the Virginia Home. E.P.I.C. is something special and I look forward to participating in the program each week. My favorite part is painting the pallet signs. I can’t wait to use my new skills and to see what the farmers markets are all about!

Larry Watson

My name is Larry and I have lived at The Virginia Home for 17 years. I like it a whole lot because I have my very own room, my own TV, and there is always something fun to do! I want people to know how great it is here and how much fun we have. We are always so excited to meet new people and make new friends! You can never have too many friends, so you should come get to know us! Through our travel program I was able to go to Baltimore, MD. We visited the Inner Harbor, went to an Orioles game, and saw the Raven’s play from the 50 yard line. It was such a great time! Before moving to The Home I was able to have some work experience in the school that I was a part of. I delivered mail throughout the building. I really enjoyed it because it was something that I could easily do and I got to make new friends doing it. I also worked taking clothes off of hangers. I enjoyed that job because it kept me busy, and I like to be a busy working guy. When I found out that I was nominated to be an E.P.I.C. ambassador I was so happy because I wanted something specific to focus on. My favorite part about the program is painting the pallets. I can’t wait to get out to the farmers markets and to make new friends!

Joan Stank

My name is Joan and I have lived at The Virginia Home for 10 years now. I truly love living here.  I have my own private room and believe me when I say there’s always something fun to do! There are such great people here at The Home. Between the staff and other residents who live here I have made so many great friends. I want people to know that life is good – it is really such a cool place to live. Through the travel program I was able to go on a cruise to the Bahamas and it was a tropical dream. I absolutely loved every minute of that vacation. Before I moved here I worked in a workshop punching holes in boxes. I enjoyed the work that I did because it gave me something to do and something to look forward to. When I found out that I was nominated for the new meaningful work program it made me feel so good. I was excited at the opportunity to try new things and knew that I would have the same feeling that I did when I worked in the workshop.  This opportunity would give me the chance to go somewhere new where I would be representing The Virginia Home and have the opportunity to meet new people.  This program has a lot of fun parts, but my favorite is the painting because I consider myself to be crafty. I can’t wait to see you at the farmers markets!

An epic motto for an E.P.I.C. Program – ‘I am more than what you see and I want to share that with my community.’