Meet Linda: ‘I have a good life, and I’m happy.’

At 58, I’ve lived at the Virginia Home for more than half my life! I never had a real home when I was younger because I didn’t have family that was able to take care of me. I haven’t seen them in a long time.

But I have lived at the home for more than 30 years now, and everybody here is my real family. One of my nurses takes me home with her for the holidays, and it means the world to me. And two other people always take me to Joe’s Inn to celebrate my birthday.

A couple years ago, I went on vacation to Disney World. I’d never been on a plane before – it was exciting! Meeting Mickey Mouse was the best thing I ever did.

Every year, I compete in the Special Olympics, and sometimes I win ribbons in the wheelchair race and softball throw. I love to do artwork and make other people happy. I donated my stuffed animals to children in the hospital who might be scared and lonely.

I have a good life now, and I’m happy.