Nutrition Services

Three Dietary employees preparing a dinner meal
Nutrition services consultation

The current trend in nutrition therapy for long term care residents requires a balance of two goals: providing quality care and maximizing quality of life. The nutrition needs of our residents are multifaceted and are an important factor in improving longevity and quality of life.

Any healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy diet. Meals are prepared by our staff, including an executive chef, and offer a daily selection to appeal to a wide variety of tastes and appetites. Our menu offers a blend of home cooking, seasonal and specialty theme meals. Choice of food has a tremendous impact on quality of life. Some might say it defines quality of life.

The Registered Dietitian’s primary role is to develop a nutrition care plan consistent with each resident’s nutritional status, overall medical condition, and personal preferences and needs. Residents are evaluated for declines in functional status including loss of ability to chew and swallow, loss of ability to self feed, and significant unplanned weight loss or gain.