Physical Therapy

Resident working out at the parallel bars

Physical therapy services at The Virginia Home are designed to allow them to reach and maintain their optimal functional mobility. Programs are designed in collaboration with each resident. Services may include exercise for strength, balance, and endurance; range of motion for flexibility; and assisted walking. Restorative Nursing Aides assist with carrying out routine programs.
Consultants who come to The Home include a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician who sees residents primarily for spasticity control, and an Orthotist who evaluates residents for specialized shoes and braces.

Wheelchair Services

Having the ability to independently move about The Home and the community is a high priority for our residents. Wheelchairs are their primary means of locomotion, and the majority use power wheelchairs. Most residents need customized chairs to provide comfort, support, and skin protection for full day sitting. The Occupational and Physical Therapists are responsible for evaluating, exploring funding sources, and procuring appropriate wheelchairs. Specialized cushions are needed to protect a resident’s skin, and we have a pressure-mapping system to evaluate sitting pressures to help determine the most appropriate cushion. The specifications for the whole system are completed with the assistance of local vendors. We have a Wheelchair Technician who maintains the wheelchairs in working order. He recycles parts from old or donated wheelchair to repair chairs.