Adaptive Sports

Residents learning to surf

The Virginia Home has a young and active population. Many of our residents boast vibrant, adventurous personalities that inspire our staff to provide opportunities for competition and outdoor activities without limitations.  We believe that participating in adaptive sports promotes new recreational outlets, physical fitness, teamwork, while enhancing social skills.  Our staff works diligently to offer adaptive sports within our facility and access to various programs in the community.


Boxercise, a weekly innovative program provided by the Recreation Therapy staff, affords residents a unique way to get physically fit. Boxing helps relieve stress, build muscle, and strengthen your core. We have a variety of gloves and punching bags to meet the needs of all of our residents.

Adaptive Golf

Sheltering Arms offers adaptive golf clinics in the spring of each year. Certified staff and professional golf instructors engage our residents in hands-on techniques through golf swing clinics, on course play, and tournaments. Our residents benefit from use of the Stand Up and Play golf cart which lifts individuals from a sitting to standing position. This provides the resident freedom to swing without limitation and allows full access to maneuver around the course.


Adaptive hockey is a unique program we offer at The Virginia Home. Anyone is welcome to play, but The Virginia Home’s own Wolverines take the competition seriously. The sport was introduced to The Home by the father of one of our residents that played street hockey with his son since an early age. He donated the equipment and demonstrated how the sport can easily be adapted for anyone using a wheelchair. The certified staff and volunteers work together to meet the specialized needs of our players. Some attach the hockey stick to their power wheelchair if they are unable to grip, while others may hold the hockey stick independently. On Tuesday evenings, our gym is lively as two teams of residents compete full with jerseys and a resident referee. This program instills teamwork and discipline while allowing residents to have fun and foster friendships. Our hockey players look forward to playing hockey each week and boast pride in themselves and their team.


Therapeutic Adventures, Inc.*, an adaptive sports and outdoor recreation provider, offers an adaptive snow skiing experience on the mountains at Massanutten Ski Resort. Equipped with everything we need from adaptive ski gear to gracious ski instructors, our residents are able to enjoy a full day of shredding the slopes.

Special Olympics

Serving more than 11,000 athletes, Special Olympics Virginia* offers both state and regional competitions for people with intellectual disabilities. Residents who wish to participate in this competitive, fun platform can enroll in either track and field or bowling events. Certified Recreation Therapy staff will prepare our Special Olympics athletes for the spring competitions. Special Olympics Virginia has proven to be a great venue for our residents to foster friendships with other competitors in the area and to build self-confidence.


Life Rolls On*, a subsidiary of The Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, hosts an annual adaptive surfing clinic titled, They Will Surf Again, in Virginia Beach. This award-winning program enables our residents with paraplegia to experience the thrill of catching a wave. TWSA and their sea of volunteers make it possible for our residents to see beyond their mobility challenges and share the freedom of the ocean with so many others. Recreation Therapy staff accompanies and prepares our potential surfers in the pool with exercises that imitate the motion of the sport.

Swim Team

The Virginia Home Resident Swim Meet, a popular and anticipated competition, takes place each summer in our therapeutic pool.  Swimmers are divided up into five teams each with a Recreation Therapy staff coach.  Teams practice for two months in preparation of the three-day meet.  Events are timed and ribbons are awarded to the best male and female swimmers in four different distances.  The Swim Meet really brings out the competitive fire in our residents.