therapist with a resident in the poolThe Virginia Home provides a year round aquatics program in our indoor, heated, therapy pool. The pool is open for swimming Monday through Friday at 9:30am and at 1:00pm. Residents participate in adaptive swimming, water sports, assisted walking exercises, passive range of motion exercises, and relaxation.


Our pool is fully accessible for people who use wheelchairs and the water is heated to a therapeutic temperature of 94 degrees. It is also large enough for several residents and assisting staff to be swimming at the same time.

Therapist with a male resident learning to swimRoughly half of our resident population participates in the aquatics program. They can choose to swim every week or every two weeks depending on their needs. Warm-water immersion is very beneficial. It improves circulation, promotes relaxation, and provides resistance for muscle exercises. Also, many of our residents are unable to stand or walk on land, but can perform these exercises in the pool due to the support that the water provides.