Social Services

Senior Navigator
Social work services are available to all residents at The Virginia Home and their families. The aim of the department is to work with each resident towards the goal of happy, productive, independent lives. Everyone should live their life with dignity and respect, have their voice heard in The Home and the community, and have a meaningful lifestyle with goals and plans for the future. Social workers assist residents in reaching their highest practical level of physical, mental, and psychosocial wellbeing and quality of life. Listed below are some of the services offered by the Social Services Department:

Counseling and Casework:

  • Individual, group and family counseling services are offered to all residents and their families
  • Social workers assess each resident to determine their unique needs. Psychosocial, mental and emotional needs are identified and services are developed to meet these needs
  • Social workers assist residents in maintaining and developing meaningful relationships, seek continued education, employment, and volunteer work, attend camp and community day programs, and if desired, explore independent living options
  • Social workers assist residents in coordinating services with community and government service providers
  • We visit residents in the hospital to provide companionship and support, help relieve fears regarding their illness, and to help them maintain contact with their family and friend while there
  • Our MS Support group is very active and meets weekly for our residents and interested members of the community

Family Involvement

Family members are encouraged to visit and remain actively involved in their loved one’s life. They can be involved in the care planning process, attend groups and programs, and schedule transportation for visits to their home or community. We have an active Family and Friends Council. We have a beautifully decorated and very comfortable Guest House right next door that family members can stay in at no charge.


All residents legally eligible to vote must be permitted to vote in all primary, special and general elections and in referenda.

Social workers assist residents with voter registration, applying for and obtaining absentee ballots, and getting to the polls. The Home does not attempt to influence the actual casting of the resident’s vote in any way.

Resident Council and the social workers work together to provide educational forums to help residents better understand the candidates and their platforms. We have sponsored events with the candidates for Richmond Mayor, candidates from our 5th District City Council, and representatives from the League of Women voters.

Resident Council

The Home has a very active Resident Council. Nominations and voting for Council members is done by residents with assistance from the social  workers. The Resident Council gives residents an active voice in The Home, and a chance to influence the policies and decisions which affect them. Residents feel that their opinions and preferences do matter. The Council also raises money for charitable causes, and recently donated $5000.00 to the Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.

Social workers serve as staff liaison to our Resident Council.

Resident Rights

By law, all residents have rights as citizens and members of a nursing facility.

The Resident Bill of Rights is a federally mandated document of these rights. The Resident Bill of Rights is explained to residents and their family members at the time of admission, and is reviewed individually and during in-services offered throughout the year. Residents are encouraged to be proactive in self-advocacy, voice their suggestions and concerns, and expect timely solutions to their ideas and/or grievances. Residents have the right to privacy in their rooms. The Home has a formal Grievance Procedure and is in compliance with all HIPPA regulations.

Download the Resident Bill of Rights

The Patient Self-Determination Act

The Patient Self-Determination Act gives all adults the right to prepare a document called an Advance Directive Form.  An Advance Directive allows you to communicate in writing the types of medical care you do and do not wish to receive in the event you are unable to express your wishes at the time care is needed. Social services offers education to all residents and their families about Advance Directives and assists them in completing and updating the forms as needed.

Download the Advance Directive Form

Virginia disAbilityNavigator

The disAbilityNavigator is a non- profit organization branched under the VirginiaNavigator. The organization’s mission is “to provided free health and community support information and guidance to seniors, caregivers, and adults with disabilities – supporting independence, dignity, and quality of life”. With the help of one of our residents and social workers, The Virginia Home is one of their many sites.

For assistance, please call The Virginia Home at (804) 359-4093 and ask for Admissions. Your call will be returned as quickly as possible.