Speech Therapy

Adjusting hearing aid

The speech therapy department of The Virginia Home strives to help individuals communicate in an effective manner. Many of the residents at The Virginia Home are unable to communicate well due to their underlying diagnoses. Our speech therapist works closely with these individuals to facilitate their ability to communicate by providing therapeutic techniques to improve their intelligibility and/or even provides state-of-the art communication devices that enable them to speak using voice output machines. In addition to communication, our speech therapist also helps those individuals who have difficulty chewing or swallowing during meals by providing therapy, staff and family education, and altering diet consistencies. Speech therapy is responsible for screening all of its residents’ hearing and providing and maintaining hearing aids. Last but not least, speech therapy provides cognitive training in the areas of memory, attention, reasoning and judgment. Speech therapy works directly with all other departments of The Virginia Home as a part of an interdisciplinary team providing outstanding, comprehensive rehabilitation and care for its residents.